5 Ways to Avoid Problems with Clients at your Creative Agency

You can’t be in business, or stay in business without clients. And with clients can come headaches. Instead of pulling your hair out, and/ or blaming the clients themselves for problems, make an effort to prevent issues before they arise.

1) Do some homework on your potential new client. What’s their reputation amongst your colleagues? Why are they looking for a new agency? Do they pay their bills? Who at the client company has the final say on things and are you sure they’re involved in the process from the beginning?

2) Create and stick to using a comprehensive requirements gathering document / creative brief. Make sure this document includes or is followed up with something the client signs off on. Keep that paper or virtual paper trail stored safely.

3) Establish your rates and put them forward with pride. If you back down on your rates too readily it can indicate you’re not sure you’re worth your own valuation. To some extent, to get the respect of the client, you need to behave as though you know you’re worthy of that respect.

4) Take the time to follow up with former clients, especially the ones that things may not have gone 100% right with. Be open to any criticism those clients may have to offer, and use that information to move onwards and upwards.

5) Sit your team down and figure out exactly who your ideal client is. What would your interactions with them look like? What kind of work would they bring you? How different would your organization feel if these were the only clients you worked with? Now, how do you go about spending your time and building your business working with those clients?

Work should be a fun place to be, where you are spending your time doing what you feel passionate about. Take back some control of your work environment by implementing the steps above.

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