5 Tips for Trainers and Trainees – Creative Agency Productivity Software

Implementing workflow management software for your creative agency is a huge step towards both increasing efficiency, and job profitability.  And although learning a new software product can be intimidating, Function Point offers several training modules to clients, as well as ongoing product support.

In taking on the position of trainer, and having been a trainee (several times) myself, here is what I see as the top 5 “pro-tips” for either role.

For the Trainer

1) Don’t rely on the visuals to do the work. In my experience, it just looks bad when a trainer is essentially reading all their points off a screen. Same goes for trainers who expect one screen shot to explain a new process or procedure.

2) Show some enthusiasm. The tone of your voice, and the tone of the meeting should reaffirm that the client made the right choice with your product…not that you’re counting the moments till you can punch out.

3) Show some empathy. Learning something like workflow management software can be intimidating, and people can have trouble making the rather big change in processes. Don’t talk too fast, too slow, or push a huge amount of info without checking on the state of the audience.

4) Accept that people absorb information in a variety of ways. Training presentations need to include images, written materials, a good speaker, and the opportunity to do some further reading, ask questions etc.

5) Regularly review if what you’re doing is actually working. Seek candid feedback from clients, meet with internal support teams to see if there are regular questions coming up that could or should be handled in the training phase(s).

For the Trainee

1) Be a good participant.  Even by the tone of your hello, or introduction of yourself, you can convey that you’re going to be attentive, and an active listener.

2) There’s no such thing as a dumb question. We’ve been hearing that from parents and teachers for years, but it still needs to sink in. In my experience, if a question is burning in my brain, it likely is for other trainees – someone just has to drum up the nerve to pose it.

3) Show sympathy. Training requires a lot of product knowledge, knowledge of your company, and the mental agility to keep the session on track, and tailored to you. A little sympathy can truly help put the person on the other end of the line at ease, and all the more ready to give you what you need.

4) Do your homework. If the trainer has asked for some pre-setup to be completed, or a few forms to be filled out, endeavor to take the time to complete that. It will likely make a huge difference to the quality of your training session.

5) Aspire to really understand two or three key concepts, rather than get a huge overview.  This will form a solid foundation for future training sessions, or teaching yourself additional product modules and features.

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