5 Step Guide to Deploying Your Ad Agency Traffic Management System

After spending weeks or months looking for an agency traffic management system, you finally decided which one makes the most sense for your agency workflow. What’s next? I’d say that training and deployment are as important for the success of the software adoption as selecting your new agency traffic management system in the first place.

We’ve encountered many agencies and creative firms that end up failing during the deployment of a new system since most of them don’t have a well-structured plan in place to assist them in the transition. No matter if you are replacing an existing system or adopting agency traffic management software for the first time, it is crucial to pay attention to the following 5 items.

1. Senior management involvement

You need to make sure your senior management is engaged in the deployment process and will, in fact, use the new system. It will be very difficult to sell the new tool if the Creative Director, CFO or CEO are not using it.

2. Change management 

Using a new creative agency traffic management system is all about reviewing your current workflow and adapting your needs to the new system. It involves changing processes and procedures to increase your team’s productivity in a short period of time.

3. Create a deployment team

Set up a small team that will be responsible for the deployment of the agency traffic management software. Pick a key decision maker in the organization to lead the project. This will help ensure that your team will buy-in to the importance of the new system.

4. Training

From our experience, we found that dividing your team by role makes training more effective. Thus, get the administrator trained first, then you can organize different training sessions for account executives, studio/creative, traffic managers, to name a few

5. Have fun

Have fun and enjoy the benefits of your new agency traffic management system. The ROI is guaranteed!

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Leonardo Maia.

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