4 Reasons Your Creative Agency Should Have a Company Page on LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn? Is your team on LinkedIn? How about your agency? Do you have a company page? Today, I want to share my experience with LinkedIn and talk about four reasons your agency should have a company page on LinkedIn.

I have been using LinkedIn for the past six years. LinkedIn has helped me connect with a variety of like-minded people. We all know the benefits of using LinkedIn to connect with clients, prospects, vendors and prospects. However, many agencies take LinkedIn for granted and don’t fully take advantage of having a company page.

There are many more than four reasons to have a company page on LinkedIn. With that said, I am combining the most important ones so you, as the owner of an agency, can understand the importance of having a presence on LinkedIn.

1. Build Brand Awareness and Increase Your Market Reach

Over 225 million people, including your own employees, current clients, vendors, procurement managers and potential clients, use LinkedIn. Having a company page is a great way to showcase to all these users what services your agency offers. Use the company page as an opportunity to convey the brand message about what your agency does and how you differentiate your services from other agencies. Having a company page makes you look reputable, and it also provides a good opportunity to send LinkedIn Inmail messages to potential customers.

Use the “About” section of the company page to introduce your brand to the world. At a glance, a member will be able to see everyone in his or her network who works at your agency.

2. Market Your Services

Create a list of your services and include what type of work you offer. Are you a full-service digital ad agency or a design shop? Potential clients may come to your company page and need to see in a blink of an eye what you offer. Talk about your specialties.

Use the ‘services” tab under the company page to communicate your value proposition. A great way to do that is to divide your offerings into categories i.e. branding, marketing, interactive, brand and identity, corporate communications, social media, to name a few. Below is a good example of an agency, Eben Design, that uses the Services section to promote their offerings.

Do you have client’s recommendations about your service? Make sure to ask them to write their recommendations here. It is much more powerful than if they were to send you a private email. In many cases, you may get great feedback about your services by email, but you need to ask your client to write its recommendations on your company page. These comments will go a long way when potential clients are reviewing your company page.

3. Use As a Way to Communicate With Clients

Leverage your client relationships through the company page on LinkedIn. Invite your clients to follow your company so they will receive any updates in their newsfeed.

Has your agency received an award lately? Add updates on your agency news on your company page and your clients will automatically see it. You could also add client communications to the company page.

How about blogs? Does your agency produce great content through blogs? If so, include your blogs on the company page updates. Make sure to check your LinkedIn analytics to better understand what type of content resonates with your audience.

You may be surprised, but while writing this blog, I visited few ad agencies’ company pages and some don’t even have a “services” tab. Not to mention that some agencies don’t even have a company page on LinkedIn! How would you as a client trust an ad agency that mainly offers social media services if they don’t even have a company page on LinkedIn?

4. Understand Who Your Members Are 

Under the “analytics” tab you can get strong insights and better understand your members’ demographics by industry, function, region, company size, etc.

Below is an example of our LinkedIn page insight module with demographics by function and company size. You could also break down by industry type.

Understanding your followers’ profiles will give you a great insight on how to communicate with them and ultimately make your product and service relevant in today’s market landscape.

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This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Leonardo Maia.

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