4 Myths of Deploying Creative Project Management and Time Tracking Software

In one of our previous posts, we wrote about the main concerns when adopting a project management software from the perspective of the decision maker in a creative agency.

This post is about the myths involving software adoption that are common among the rest of the organization, I mean, the other team members at your agency.

Reluctance from the team is normal. There are the early adopters that are very excited with the prospect of new software who will usually have a more positive attitude, but there will un-doubtibly also be the laggards, which are the most resistant. Don’t worry though, it’s all about time and how you explain the advantages, clarify the doubts, and prepare the team.

Here are the 4 main issues you should address:

1.) Timesheets and time tracking – This is one of the greatest concerns. People will often think that time tracking is being implemented in order to judge employee work in order to penalize them if it takes longer than expected. That’s simply not true! Time tracking is a way of creating an overview about where your agency time and money is being spent, determining if there is anyone being overworked and if the agency needs more staff or freelancers as well as to help establish balanced price models between the time spent and time charged. It’s all about profitability and financial information.

2.) Changes and adaption – Another myth is that adopting software will change the workflow and production process or the company culture, consequently requiring staff people adapt to it. The objective of productivity software is to improve and not reinvent the way you work, so your foundation will not be changed.

3.) “The work will get more complicated” – This myth is related to the fact that people think that using a software system will take more of their time and complicate the workflow. If staff feel that the system is difficult to use or takes too much of their time and focus off of their actual work, they may not use the system correctly. Some more effective training is needed.

4.) “With a new software, where will I find the information I need?” – Another common concern of staff is knowing where to find the right information, and to be able to do it quickly. When a new software is adopted, questions about the data both inside and outside of the system can arise. However, the idea of a productivity and collaboration software is to actually connect the data and make sure that you can find everything easily in one place. Besides that, if the software company offers you the right documentation and support, it will be really simple to import the data to your new software system and get it up and running.

Have you been in a similar situation? Do you have other important concerns? Tell us about your experience!!


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