4 Benefits Customer Success Managers Offer Creative Agencies

4 Benefits Customer Success Managers Offer Creative Agencies

Your success is our success. Whether it’s success with using our agency project management software or the overall success of your creative agency as a result, as your Customer Success Manager, we’re your biggest cheerleader, strongest backup dancer, your tandem bike pilot — you get the idea.

Some days on the FP Success team, there’s really no knowing where the day will take us. One thing we’re always clear about, though, is our mission as Customer Success Managers (CSM). After you’ve completed our signature project management software training program, you’ll have your own dedicated CSM. From there, our goal is to constantly provide value while holding you, the client, as our first priority.

Here are 4 ways we build our relationship with you so we can keep your experience consistent while being truly in tune with what your agency’s needs and challenges are.

1. We’re Go-Getters

We believe that being proactive in our approach to your success is crucial. Forget the 3-days-before-calling rule, we want you to know who we are and that we’re here to support you! Instead of just being an email you can send your questions to, we make sure that you know who we are, and vice cersa.

2. We Take a Holistic View

Making sure you’re happy is only part of what we do. At FP we put a big focus on continuous education. We do our best to make sure we’re providing important training information to as many clients as possible. We have two main ways of doing this. One is by conducting one-on-one calls with customers about topics specific to their agency, and the other is by inviting them to attend our regular webinars where they can collaborate in a conversation with like-minded peers.

3. We’re Here Even When You Don’t Need Us

We’ve got our finger on your pulse (figuratively, of course). We stay on top of our customers’ success by pulling health scores and monitoring their engagement. Now, we don’t do this to be creepy, we do it so that if we see an area where our customer isn’t getting the most out of their system, we can fix it. Remember when I said that we cared about your success? I meant it! We want you to have all the advantages our agency project management software offers. Let’s just say we love when our days are spent providing a lot of customer love.

4. We’re Advocates For You

Although we’ll have scheduled calls with you once you’ve reached certain milestones, we’re always available for you to let us know about any questions or concerns you have with your system. Whether you’re happy with where you are or not, the question we have at the forefront of our minds is: how can we improve your experience with Function Point’s agency project management software?

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