3 Reasons to Use Project Management Software For Estimates

As people continue to rely on web based applications to manage their personal lives, businesses are becoming more confident in moving their operations online as well. Leading the pack in moving to web based business management tools are creative agencies.

Every day more Advertising, Marketing and Design firms are adopting web based applications to manage their business. Accurate estimation is very important in the agency world and many agencies are realizing the benefit of being able to quickly access a database of estimates while visiting a client, or being able to review the most recent design revisions while sipping on an latte at Starbucks.

From sales-related activities to project management and even financial management, there are huge benefits to tracking your agency design work online.

Accurately Estimate Anytime, Anywhere

Does this situation sound familiar? You’re visiting a client to discuss an active project when they tell you about a new opportunity. They want an estimate right away. You can throw one together based on your best guess and risk inaccuracy, or you tell your client that they will have to wait until you can get back to the office and review with your team.

But what if you had a database of estimates, both real and templates, that you could access right away? What if you could immediately offer your client multiple options with detailed budgets for each? Using web based software to create and store a database of estimates will not only improve the accuracy of your quoting, it will allow you to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Collaborate From Multiple Locations

An agency that collaborates effectively will be much more successful than an agency that doesn’t. Being able to collaborate on projects from multiple locations will save time and improve the quality of work.

Here are few more situations to think about:

You’re trying to put the finishing touches on a design but a key player is out of the office and their input is absolutely needed. Waiting for them to be physically present will waste time and money. What if they could log in, see the most recent designs and provide feedback in real time from anywhere in the world?

Collaboration can also be important in the estimation process. Maybe an account manager is trying to estimate a new project but they need the input of a designer who is off-site. Trying to communicate project specs or send creative briefs through e-mail is not efficient, but if the designer could log in to the agency’s online software, review the project specs and update the estimate in real time, the account manager could get the estimate out sooner.

Collaboration occurs at all stages of the creative process. A web based agency management system makes this possible.

Access the Most Recent Information

In the agency world, nothing stands still. Information is constantly changing and there’s nothing worse than being uninformed. Not having access to the most current information can also be expensive.

Here’s another scenario:

You’re about to bill a client for the last bit of work on a project. It’s the end of the month and you have to get this invoice out, but there’s a problem, 2 of your senior staff have been working at the client’s office for the last few days and you don’t have their timesheets available. Do you wait until they get back and not get the invoice out? Or do you just not bill for their time?

What if staff could enter time and expenses from anywhere, at any time? Having a web based system for staff to track time and expenses as they happen will improve accuracy and allow you to get rid of those pesky paper time-slips or annoying Excel files forever.

Every agency is different and every agency has different needs for their management software, but one theme is very consistent; web based agency management software is becoming a must have. The time to switch has never been better and agencies are jumping in, hand over fist.

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