3 Project Management Software Features To Boost Productivity

A project management solution for your creative agency should be user-friendly, flexible, and dare I say — fun! The features of your agency project management software should encompass all of the facets that get you really excited about using it. Below are 3 of my favourite Function Point features, why I love them so darn much, and why you will too!

1. Email Integration

Imagine someone on your team has an unexpected emergency to deal with, or, worse yet, leaves your company altogether — how are you going to know what is going on with the clients they look after? Even in less drastic situations, easily accessible information is crucial to your productivity. You want a tool where you can keep track of and be able to easily access client communications (for your own use, as well as to share information with your colleagues). Not only will this simplify your workflows, but it’s a practice which will inevitably promote seamless team communication at your agency. With Function Point, your entire team is able to store email communications in your FP system. It’s as simple as clicking the “Connect to Email” button! I love this feature because it’s a sensible way to access all of your client communications — say goodbye to confusing email threads! Bonus tip: files included as attachments in your emails are stored automatically in the applicable Company or Contact category in your FP system.

2. Custom Dashboards

Implementing a new agency project management software can be tricky if it doesn’t have features that has the flexibility to fit the needs of different people at your agency. For this reason, custom dashboards are another of my favourite features available in Function Point. I love how there are so many options with this feature, and it’s a great way for each user to add a personal look and feel to their own system. One thing you may not know is that many of the tile options will produce a slightly different visual depending on the size of tile selected. Don’t know yet what the best dashboard is for you? No worries — we’ve got our Classic Dashboard that provides a little bit of everything. Or, choose the Business Intelligence Visuals option as a dashboard and you’ll be able to view client, job and staff performance in a real-time scorecard. Using this feature of the tool is also an effective way of getting your team excited about implementing your new project management software.

3. Pinned Notes

Can you truly love a software feature? Well, I do — and so will you! These handy post-its can be used for, like, literally anything (that’s a bit of my California showing)! Pinned notes in your FP system are simple, effective, and collaborative. They act as a centralized conversation tool, feedback system, and file sharing location all in one. Notes in Function Point can be used to communicate with your colleagues internally, and if you subscribe to the client portal, they can be used as a communication tool with your agency’s clients. While you can upload and share files in Function Point, you can also (and I prefer to) include files as attachments to a pinned note which allows for further discussion in the comment section of the document, image, etc. Here at Function Point, we use pinned notes as an easy way for us to share meeting agendas and meeting notes with each other. Bonus tip: You can pin your note to the dashboard, which is the most efficient way to get your message to the desired reader(s)! Function Point alleviates the chaotic nature of operating creative agencies, internal marketing teams and professional service firms. Used by over 9000 customers across the world, the all-in-one solution helps teams connect each stage of project management. To find out how Function Point can help you, talk to one of our awesome software expertsThis article was written by previous Function Point employee, Emma Lauder.

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