3 Creative Ways to Improve Client Engagement [worksheet]

Think about the last time you were truly wowed by a service you received. Whether it was within your personal or professional life, brands that go above and beyond for their customers or clients stand out. You may have recommended a favourite restaurant to a friend because they’ll customize your order for a specific allergy, or perhaps you refer all of your clients to a particular analytics tool because their customer support help is unbeatable. Strong customer engagement lasts from the beginning of a transaction until after you’ve purchased, and this rule applies to the products creative agencies sell too.

As an agency leader, trying to keep on top of all of the deliverables, budgets and timelines you’re trying to manage can leave little time to focus on the smaller details that really wow clients. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re offering a few (easy! affordable! not-very-time-consuming!) tips on how you can wow clients.

Begin Planning During Client Onboarding

Rather than looking for ways to impress your client at the last minute, begin plotting out those impressive touchpoints right from the start. We’ve created a downloadable worksheet that you can use to map out opportunities along the project pipeline.

Update this document as you continue to work with your clients. You’ll likely find that people pick up on small details in conversation with clients – think favourite sports team, how they like their coffee, their children’s’ names and ages.

Create a Culture of Wow

By instilling an agency-wide mission to wow your clients, you’ll begin training your entire team to look for opportunities to impress. That alleviates some of the burden from your direct account-facing team and onto your entire staff. In an office full of creatives, there’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of ideas to execute on.

Reward Employees Who Wow Clients

It’s great if you can organically get your team in the mindset of looking for opportunities to go the extra mile for clients. But with a busy team of creatives, it may be up to you to encourage them to adopt this culture by acknowledging or rewarding your employees who really shine.

Always remember to pass on any positive feedback to your creatives. It’s easy for account managers and project managers to forget that creatives are often not in a directly client-facing role and only focus on sharing negative feedback, rather than acknowledging the positive. Highlight these small wins – whether it’s via a personal email, an in-office newsletter, in morning huddles or with small rewards (such as a gift card to your nearest coffee shop or agency merch).

Wowing your clients doesn’t have to be an expensive, big-agency-only activity. Sure, offering them your private box at a massive sporting event or concert is very wow, but it’s the small, more personal gestures that come with excellent service that keep your clients coming back.

Download our Client Engagement Worksheet

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