3 Common Creative Agency Technology Issues

The technology setup at a creative agency is far from simple or straightforward. There are huge data requirements to manage, like simultaneous users all accessing assets at the same, data storage, backups, and computers that can handle the flow. Below are 3 technology obstacles that we commonly see from creative agencies:

Solutions For Software Hiccups

The large data requirements can cause a variety of issues to arise at an agency, and some of those issues revolve around knowing your environment. For example, some agencies require dependable Apple or Microsoft systems to crunch demanding corporate video advertising, web content and print related materials. Knowing your software is key — from your product management tool to the video tool you use to render clients files. If you don’t have a tech ‘know-how’ in place, things can become daunting, as an 8-hour day may turn into a 10-hour journey.

Balancing the Scale of Staff and Equipment

One of the main reasons that a creative agency has issues is because of scalability and being able to deal with the workload that you are committing to. As an agency, you don’t want to have downtime at any point in the project cycle, nor does your client want to wait an extra week because all your resources are being used. Buying the proper equipment, and having it in place and ready to use, is similar to how software companies hire sales staff. For every set amount of deals completed, there needs to be a new hire to pick up the extra work. With technology at your creative agency, the same principle should take effect.

Virtual Communication

Another area where creative agencies suffer is in trying to work virtually. These days, leaders and employees use email, knowledge sharing platforms, social platforms, webinars, and video-conferencing to communicate their messages. Often times, employees opt for the more effective method of sharing information with each other rather than waiting for their leaders to distribute it. Employees want to understand their company’s purpose, collaborate with their peers and vendors, and understand their role in the workflow. Sometimes they won’t see their leaders in-person for weeks, so it’s necessary to have other methods to understand and share information. Using a project management software simplifies this collaboration, centralizes the information and organizes your workflow.

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This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Alon Sabi.

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