3 Advantages To a Corporate Video for Your Creative Agency

A looming question for many agencies is “do we create a corporate video?” It’s a good question, as something like this can be very pricey and you need to consider the ROI. Is this something that will attract traffic and attention from potential prospects? In this blog, we’ll discuss 3 advantages of taking the time to create such a video (the right way) for your agency. A corporate video provides the opportunity for you to paint a picture to prospects about what your agency is all about, and what services you provide. This is where you want to get creative and show off your skills. If you are able to make a video that not only shows the main points of your agency effectively but also able to make it humorous and catch the attention of the viewer, then you are more likely to have that prospect reach out to you. Even if that prospect does not end up as a client, the overall image of your agency will be very positive in their mind and entice them to refer your agency to friends and co-workers. There are many advantages to having a corporate video, however I will focus on what I believe are the 3 main advantages:

1. Showcase Your Business

A corporate video lets your agency show off your product or service. Sure there are many other ways to do so: print, catalogue, about us page on the website etc. However having a video that clearly paints the picture and the viewer can relate to is a game changer. Think about it like this; when reading a print, or a catalogue you tend to skim through it to parts that seem interesting, and the rest is ignored. Well in a video you can take a step back and show the industry pain points and paint a picture as to how your agency tackles these issues. The viewer is not going to skim through anything to what they think is important but they will watch the entire video, giving them a sense of how your agency will tackle each situation and what your agency has to offer. A visual example of what you can do for a prospect helps entice that prospect to dive deeper into your agency, reaching out to you and having an actual conversation with you. When using print or any other form, you only have so much space to get your message across, which means you are not able to paint that picture for the prospects.

2. Educate and Say So Much More

A corporate video helps educate the prospect about your agency. Going back to painting a picture; if you paint the correct picture for your agency, then essentially you are educating your prospect on what you can do for them. I always recommend using examples in your video that a prospect can relate to. Using real examples and industry pain points can relate to the prospect and as well show them the steps your agency takes to ensure that a proper solution is found. A video can pretty much say everything you have on your website and so much more. The visual makes a huge difference. If you are anything like me, then when you just read something you do not retain it as well as when you watch something, The visual can relate to a prospect a lot more, giving them a sense that you are trying to help them (before you even speak to them). As long as you touch on one major industry pain point then educating your prospects in the video will go a long way.

3. Create an Image

What I believe is the main advantage to a corporate video is the fact that you can create an image. After all, we are in the creative industry, so having a video that helps create your company image and lets you show how creative and outside the box you can be, can have a real impact on the prospect’s thoughts about your agency. If you are able to make that prospect smile or laugh while still getting across what you can do for them, well then you have a slam dunk! That prospect is a lot more likely to reach out to you and consider doing business with you. They get to see the creative touch as well as the personality that comes with the agency. So get out there, be creative and make a killer video! Consider a corporate video, as it gives you the chance to show your stuff, educate your potential clients and lets you be creative and have fun! Do you have a corporate video? If so share it will us – we’d love to see it. Also, check out the awesome new FP video and meet Jim and his creative crew! Make sure you get your agency’s video project rolling on the right note with a well-written creative brief. Download our free creative brief templates to get started.

This article was written by former Function Point team member, Eric Ivker.

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