2012 Creative Agency Blog Retrospective & Trends for 2013

Hi Creatives,

Another year already begun! Some of us are still recovering from the heavy workload caused by the last month’s craziness when many clients were desesperate for last-minute changes to their Holiday Season ads or campaigns. But now it is a new year, promises to deliver projects on time and plans to create extraordinary things and achieve the goals for the year are all on our minds.

To start off our series of posts in 2013, I would to like to share the two most popular blog posts in 2012, the eBooks published and a video about trends in business, design, communication and advertising.

Top Blog Posts

1- “Creative Agencies and buzz around Creative Brief Samples”: The most read blog posts was, by far and away, the one written by Function Point’s CEO – Chris Wilson – about creative briefs. For this reason we also prepared 3 creative brief templates that you can download for free.

2- “Why Pick fp. over Workamajig and other Competitor Software Systems?”: This blog post talks about the differences between the two main project management systems in the SaaS space for creative agencies. The key is to ensure that the choice boils down to the fit between your organization and the software you choose.

If you’ve missed them, you still can download our 2 ebooks:

1- “How to Accurately Manage your Time & Resources”: This eBook is about how to be precise in estimating and time-tracking, and how doing these things will result in increased profitability.

2- “Using Project Management Software”: This eBook will reveal how each person in your agency can better contribute to its success and how a project management system will assist your team.

Top 20 Forecasted Trends for 2013

Finally, this video by TrendHunter presents us with their prediction of the top 20 trend for this year. Keeping on top of new trends, as we all know, is essential in the creative industry.

I hope you find the content provided helpful and we are looking forward to your feedback and comments.

Stay tuned for our next post of 2013!

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