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Business Insights to Quickly Navigate a Changing Market

Real-time business intelligence (BI) reporting provides insights into where revenue is coming from, where the leakage is, and which jobs and people deliver the most profit. Function Point’s built-in reporting helps creative agencies make more informed business decisions to keep one step ahead of market changes.

Immediate access to metrics that matter

When it comes to your agency’s bottom line, knowing what to measure can be the difference between mediocrity and greater profitability. Function Point’s BI reporting provides insights across core metrics that matter:

Real-time business performance insights

A single, centralized source of truth delivers exceptional visibility into the areas that can directly impact your competitive advantage, such as agency capacity planning

Know Where and How to Increase Your Profit Margin

If your projects aren’t delivering the profit margin you expected, you need to know why so you can address the issue, either by altering your prices or streamlining your processes

Accurately Assess Staff Efficiency

See how much time is spent on billable work versus business development, client over-servicing or even wasted time, so you can direct your team towards more profitable activities

Customise Reports to Meet Your Agency’s Needs

Customize reports to core metrics that matter to your agency and that best reflect how you report across areas such as workforce planning, agency capacity planning, and project profitability.

“Function Point has been integral to ensuring McOuat Partnership’s seamless transition to a remote work environment. We can meet all job deadlines, know everyone’s workload, and ensure no budget overruns in real-time, without missing a beat.”

Jeff Hawley, studio manager at McOuat Partnership

“Function Point has given us the capability to have us all on the same page and access the same information easily and quickly.”

Priscilla Salmasi, Digital Marketing Manager at Veugeler Design Group

“Having easy access to the analytics available in Function Point, we have re-engineered our workflow to be more efficient with our resources, more responsive to our clients and as a result, more profitable.”

Shezad Manjee, Founder and CCO at DHD Films

“Function Point’s integration with our accounting software makes our invoice delivery system much easier.”

Princess Mangiliman, Director of Operations at Freestyle Creative

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Gaining competitive advantage

Learn the five key areas of insights and data that agencies use to improve their competitive advantage.

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