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Improve profit with better resource management

Your agency is growing fast. You’ve hired the right team and engaged a set of excellent clients. Now you need to deliver. You can’t afford to over or under work any of your team, miss a deadline or compromise on profit.

Your focus is on staff efficiency, quality of service, and profitability. You need to know where your team is spending their time, how long tasks take and how much each job type costs. You need real-time visibility to everything. Job bottlenecks, utilization rates, deadlines, margins, timelines, client retainer status, internal meetings and more.

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Optimize resources and avoid bottlenecks

Function Point’s all-in-one agency management software is the answer. Out-of-the-box, our capacity planning software helps optimize your team’s resources and avoid bottlenecks by helping you plan your team’s time. It is connected to our time tracking software and task management software so you see real-time capacity planning without any double entry.

Our forecasting reports for agencies lets you plan future workload, revenues, margin and profitability. All these productivity software solutions improve your team’s efficiency by capturing profitable behaviours in easy-to-use job templates, while keeping all stakeholders connected to the information they need to stay up-to-date and be effective

“Function Point has been integral to ensuring McOuat Partnership’s seamless transition to a remote work environment. We can meet all job deadlines, know everyone’s workload, and ensure no budget overruns in real-time, without missing a beat.”

Jeff Hawley, studio manager at McOuat Partnership

"Having easy access to the analytics available in Function Point, we have re-engineered our workflow to be more efficient with our resources, more responsive to our clients and as a result, more profitable."

Shezad Manjee, Founder and CCO at DHD Films

“Function Point has given us the capability to have us all on the same page and access the same information easily and quickly.”

Priscilla Salmasi, Digital Marketing Manager at Veugeler Design Group

“Function Point's integration with our accounting software makes our invoice delivery system much easier.”

Princess Mangiliman, Director of Operations at Freestyle Creative

Improve business performance

Function Point’s resource management solutions help you take the guesswork out of forecasting and ensure you maximise staff efficiency, team capacity planning and profitability. We give agencies the practical tools they need to:

• predict team productivity and success, with planning insights linking rates and expenses to allocated resources
• understand when capacity plans are becoming constrained
• Know when to hire new staff before you are overworked
• ensure deadlines are never missed, with integrated alerts
• accurately track time with customizable timesheets and built-in time tracking tools
• identify risks and prevent bottlenecks before they happen with dynamic Gantt charts
• ensure all stakeholders are kept up-to-date through an on-demand client portal.

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