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Easy and accurate CRM in real time

When your agency started out, it was easy to manage your client list in a spreadsheet. As your agency grows, managing the client list this way is becoming a problem. More and more team members need a copy, the list is disconnected from your financial management system and maintaining a single, complete, accurate version is a daily challenge.

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Streamline client management

The solution is customer resource management (CRM) for agencies. A web-based agency CRM tool that provides quick, easy, complete views of your prospects and customers in a centralized location. This insight helps you identify the attributes of your best clients, so you can target more clients with a similar profile. On-demand access means updating changes to a single, common client list is so easy you never think about it anymore.

Function Point’s cloud-based agency CRM tool gives your team access to use and update client information in a central database anytime, on any device. Security is best-in-class and speed is second-to-none. Team productivity improves because the Function Point agency CRM tool can be configured to integrate with mainstream email tools. Additional Zapier integration allows you to transfer contact information from other web applications to make building your database as easy as clicking a button.

“Function Point has been integral to ensuring McOuat Partnership’s seamless transition to a remote work environment. We can meet all job deadlines, know everyone’s workload, and ensure no budget overruns in real-time, without missing a beat.”

Jeff Hawley, studio manager at McOuat Partnership

"Having easy access to the analytics available in Function Point, we have re-engineered our workflow to be more efficient with our resources, more responsive to our clients and as a result, more profitable."

Shezad Manjee, Founder and CCO at DHD Films

“Function Point has given us the capability to have us all on the same page and access the same information easily and quickly.”

Priscilla Salmasi, Digital Marketing Manager at Veugeler Design Group

“Function Point's integration with our accounting software makes our invoice delivery system much easier.”

Princess Mangiliman, Director of Operations at Freestyle Creative

Securely manage CRM anytime, anywhere

Function Point’s agency CRM tool puts information about clients and prospects at-your-fingertips, quickly and securely without the complexity of large CRM solutions like Salesforce.

Our agency CRM tool streamlines client management by giving agencies the ability to:

• access and update client and prospect information anytime, anywhere and on any device
• analyze client interactions and data to identify actionable trends and opportunities
• easily auto-populate your client database with contact information
• auto-validate email addressescentralizehistorical and existing projects to strategize futuresales opportunities
• understand the profile of high-value clients to enable better targeting of prospects with a similar profile
• copyintegrateemails between your agency and clients directly into the CRM tool.

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