3 Ways to Increase Your Ad Agency’s Visibility

When I speak with agency owners around the globe, I always get the question: “How can I increase my agency’s visibility?” Agency owners and CEOs, especially in small and mid sized agencies, are looking for ways to increase their market share and get more visibility in the creative space. My response is usually around increasing your presence online with great content, which includes making blogging a high priority, creating a fun and relevant videos to market your business on your website, and a several other ideas I will review below.

How to Hit the Right Targets

1. Create Relevant Content

We all know that to increase your presence online, you need to create more content to improve your SEO with keywords, SEO tags, etc. What I always say is to create your content around your buying personas. Communicating properly with your target audience is the key to generating more website traffic and develop interesting conversations with your prospects and clients.

If your target market is healthcare, for example, you must understand the main challenges that the industry faces and the way you communicate with them will be important to gain more business. Speak with your existing clients, interview them and create new content based on these findings.

2. Make Blogging a Priority in Your Agency

One of the best ways to share and interact with potential clients is through blogging. There are many benefits of blogging, such as SEO, sharing your expertise, creating conversations with people in the industry and numerous others. Actually, I’d like to share a great blog written by Decay Watts from Sprout Content, where she lists 19 reasons why your business should be writing a blog. I’m sure that after reading Decay’s blog, you will see the value of creating blogs for your agency.

When I usually talk about blogging, the first push back is “I don’t have time to blog” or “How can I motivate my team to write blogs?” My first comment is your team needs to understand the value of blogging; it is your job as an agency owner to communicate why you want them to be involved in blogging. Make it fun! Create a game so the best blog of the month will get a prize. Another idea is to have guest blogs – create a blog about a successful project you did for one of your clients and link the blog back to your clients’ website.

Here is another great article written by Cory Eridon from Hubspot about the benefits of blogging.

3. Have a Video on Your Website

Create a promotional/sales video to attract potential clients to your site. Try to create something that is both fun and will cover the main pain points your clients are trying to solve and how your services will contribute to accomplishing their end goals.

Video marketing increases the time visitors spend on your website and also has a higher click through rate over plain text results. Not to mention that video is becoming more and more popular. Overall, a promotional video will increase your web traffic and help generate more leads.

I also have another interesting article to share with you from the CIO website. Jennifer Lonoff Scgiff talks about 8 ways online video can improve your business. In my opinion, one of the highlights of the article is how can use video to share best practices with your community.

I hope these tips will help your agency improve visibility in the market and consequentially acquire more businesses. We would like to hear from you – what are you doing to generate more revenue in your agency? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

This article was written by former Function Point team member, Leonardo Maia.

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