3 Simple Project Management Software Features That Save Time

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Working in a fast-paced environment, it’s important to have the best tools and resources available to get your work done quickly. Tools that have multiple functions and integrations can help you and your team stay efficient and productive. Save yourself the extra time and effort (not to mention, money!) and use an integrated advertising agency software!

QuickBooks® Integration

QuickBooks® is known to be one of the top accounting softwares and it’s used by many business professionals. Finding an advertising agency software with QuickBooks® integration is like winning the lottery for accountants. With a QuickBooks® integrated software, you can keep your data accurate and eliminate double entry (a deadly combo), which makes for happy accounting!

Lucky for you, there’s one advertising agency software that is QuickBooks® friendly. Function Point Productivity Software (fp.) is a project management tool that balances your project management and financial needs. It integrates with QuickBooks® Desktop and Online, saving you time and money.

Our QuickBooks® integration is a popular feature for many fp. clients:

We recently moved to Function Point from disparate project management and invoicing systems. As the managing partner of our shop, the integration with QuickBooks Online has given me a much clearer picture of receivables and made receiving payment (through QB) seamless. This integration is proving to our business.

– Cliff Raymond, Managing Partner at Primer Grey

To see what other people are saying about Function Point’s QuickBooks® integration, take a look at our client testimonials.

Zapier Integration

Managing contacts from one system to another can be tedious and the chances of input error are higher. When choosing an advertising agency software, consider if the system has the wiggle room to manage your contacts efficiently from one platform to another. Look for features like Zapier integration that automate information among online platforms. Zapier helps businesses connect with over 400 web applications.

Function Point’s Zapier integration feature allows firms to transfer contacts to and from other web applications. This means you will be able to continue using apps you love while also having the opportunity to integrate with other apps that makes life easier for your team.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is one of the leading inbound marketing and sales platforms used by many creative businesses. At Function Point, HubSpot is our go-to marketing platform to connect with clients and prospects. We use it to manage different marketing channels and our website. With Function Point’s Zapier integration, your marketing team can easily push the most updated company and contact related data from the fp. system to HubSpot – saving you time and hassle!

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January 7, 2016