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Project Management prowess gives you a deeper knowledge of your company. Here's how.

Stay on Target

Your company is growing. Projects are bigger and more complex than ever. That means more to juggle: milestones, resources, stakeholders, budgets, and tasks.

Business is booming, but you’re overwhelmed.


The FP Fix

Meet your new Project Management system. Easy to customize, it lets you quickly and accurately keep track of what matters most to your company. Need to check in on that upcoming task? Notes functionality makes it easy. Need a bird's eye view of tasks and workflow? Dynamic Gantt charts have you covered. It’s all connected and it’s all right here.

Rejoice your days of task juggling and waiting for status updates are over.

See Through the Haze

Larger projects mean more complex budgets. Between tracking essential resources and forecasting budget estimates, you’re unsure exactly how much work is required for each project. Your customers risk facing an unpleasant surprise come project completion.

Let’s face it: you’re experiencing “forecast anxiety.”

The FP Fix

A clearer vision of how your company works. Function Point gives you the long view into the ROI, health, and efficiency of any given project. Discover powerful strategies for determining rates, allocating resources, and predicting success. Easy to use budget templates, past project history and powerful, real-time insights into ROI give you a crystal clear view of what success looks like and how to get there.

Take the guesswork out of budget forecasting, and help prevent pricing sticker shock.

Everything You Need To Master Project Management

Know what skills are needed and when. Predict what your team can achieve within a given timeframe. Prevent risks and bottlenecks before they happen. Here’s how we’ll get you there.

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What Can You Handle?

You’ve got your A-Team prepped, motivated, and ready to go. They always get the job done, but you’re unsure how long tasks take, what their utilization rate is, and what they can handle. Because of that, you risk overworking individual team members, underutilizing others, missing deadlines, and losing out on profits.

Yikes: you’re not totally sure what your team is capable of.

The FP Fix

You’re selling your team’s time. How your business manages and tracks time is crucial. Time tracking gives valuable insight into how long your individual team members need to do their best work. Not only that, it determines when additional resources or team members are required for a project. The result? Less employee burnout, more deadlines met, and a deeper understanding of how your agency works.

Know what you can handle, know your business, and keep everyone happy.

Accounting Tools to Earn More on Your Projects

Understanding profit is understanding how success happens. It’s essential. Yet piles of spreadsheets and tedious data entry make it difficult and unpleasant. We make it easy.

Your Quick Data Fix

Projects are happening, but you’re unsure if they’re turning a profit. Right now, the only way to find out is through tedious spreadsheet investigations across multiple platforms (ugh). It takes time, and time is money, right?

You need a quick financial report. Instead, you’re lost in the spreadsheet vortex.

The FP Fix

A centralized system provides an at-a-glance look at everything from real-time financial reports, to invoices, to timesheet summaries. Get the data you need when you really need it, easily pull reports at a moments notice, and always be in the profit-know.

Better understand your data without the excess browser tabs and spreadsheet blues.

Know Who's Worth It

You’ve wrapped up a lot of projects this year. Some turned a profit, others didn’t. You only want to repeat profitable projects, but you’re missing the data and insights to understand how.

Separate the bad apples from the good—your company depends on it.

The FP Fix

One word: data. Our simple invoicing workflow makes creating interim, deposit, and final invoices intuitive. More importantly, our Invoice Detail system makes understanding essential workflow, estimated budgets, actual costs, and variance data as simple as possible.

Eliminate project surprises, and gain a true understanding of what profit looks like on a client by client basis.

Centralized Analytics for Better Insights

The nitty-gritty data essentials. Gain deeper insights into project profitability and the rhythm of your business. Centralized analytics let you make informed decisions, every time. It’s the cadence and flow of your business, streamlined and at a glance.

Big Data Your Data

Collecting data and analytics can be a chore. When it comes to investigating profitability, you’re drowning in a never ending loop of spreadsheets and different analytics tools. Cumbersome analytics processes are preventing you from making smart business decisions. That’s not good for anyone.

The FP Fix

Centralized and at a glance visualized analytics and business insights. Always stay on track and make the right decisions when it matters most with real-time insights into client status, budgets, team efficiency, and resource utilization rates.

Make analytics work for you, not against you.

No Data Delays

Sometimes, insights into project health can’t wait until the end of the month or completion. You know that big project decisions can’t wait until it’s convenient.

You need essential data insights. Right. Now.

The FP Fix

Real-time at a glance data insights means you always have what you need at a moment’s notice. No more waiting for data reports you won’t need two weeks from now. Make informed, smart decisions when they really matter.

No more being left in the data dark when you need it most.

Project Communications & Notifications

 Automated and real-time notifications clear up project communications, keep teams cruising, and save your company time and money. Here’s how.

Be Transparent On Your Own Terms

Clients are asking what’s happening. You know your client’s project is in good health, but you’re getting constantly flooded with phone calls and “just asking for an update” emails. Plus, sending clients an attachment mess of spreadsheets, invoices, and documents for approval is a little unpolished (and, let’s face it, a bit embarrassing).

You need a better way to communicate with clients.

The FP Fix

Keep your clients happy and in the know with our Client Portal. It lets clients login and see detailed project updates when they need it, while giving your team a focussed forum to post essential project assets and communicate with client stakeholders. That means less time digging for documents and providing updates on project progress. It’s total transparency made easy, and it’s the key to letting your clients know that they’ve got the best possible work coming their way.

The Client Portal: the official interface of “relax, we’ve got this.”

This is just what I needed.

Gain the FP Advantage.

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