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Using FP

Tips and best practices for using the Function Point system.

#OptimalPrime: Make More Informed Decisions with Custom Search Reports

By Marissa Ho

November 26, 2017 ‧ Read time: 4 minutes

Work Planning View: Your Zen Garden For Team Planning

By Marissa Ho

July 19, 2017 ‧ Read time: 5 minutes

It’s Time to Go Mobile with Function Point

By Marissa Ho

June 28, 2017 ‧ Read time: 5 minutes

The New Way to Capture Billable Meeting Hours

By Marissa Ho

April 5, 2017 ‧ Read time: 3 minutes

Stay On Task and On Time With FP’s Latest iOS Release

By Marissa Ho

February 18, 2017 ‧ Read time: 2 minutes

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